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B Corp Certified

KITX is absolutely honoured to announce we are now B Corp certified, and proudly join a community of leaders in the global movement for an inclusive, equitable and regenerative economy

The two year journey to achieve certification has been rigorous and very thorough, engaging teams and departments across every corner of the company, from accounts, to design, administration and production.

Unlike any other certification for businesses B LAB is unique in its ability to measure a company’s entire social and environmental impact

We strongly believe in business with purpose and will continue to strive for excellence in creating product you love, empowering and inspiring your days while also creating positive impact on the planet’s precious resources through finding better models to create product, such as the Future from Waste Lab, and continue to source organic and regenerative materials.

We create product love with high frequency wear, superior quality and creative design while consciously sourcing materials that minimise harm to our planet’s precious resources.

As we move beyond sustainability, KITX promises to lead with design centric fashion within a considered, transparent, circular framework. Investing back into circular end of life solutions, including natural fibres and upcycling back into the market through our KITXCHANGE initiative and Future From Waste Lab


Our three key pillars challenge the world's unhealthy relationship with fashion that is costing our earth. Through our principles of regeneration: rewild, renew and rehome, KITX is committed to solution driven initiatives harnessing the transformative power of collaboration to help deliver much needed positive change in the fashion industry.




Regenerative farming of natural fibres can rebuild dynamic eco-systems, replenish soil health and drawdown carbon.

We source natural materials from regenerative sources where we can, including carbon sequestering hemp from Libeco and OEKO-TEX certified linen from Potter & co.


We regenerate waste into want by giving renewed life to plastic pollution and unwanted textiles. We work with upcycled synthetic materials from marine litter, plastic waste and discarded polyester. Production of recycled synthetics requires less water and energy than virgin polyester which is the biggest emitter of carbon in the fashion industry. 

Through our partnerships with Beulah KITX has created the Future from Waste Lab where we regenerate textile waste into our future denim collection, championing waste as a resource and diverting discarded fashion from landfill. The project also invites key change makers in the industry to challenge their current practices and take residency in the LAB.


We believe in a circular fashion system and design with the future in mind. KITXCHANGE gives pre-owned KITX garments a second chance to be loved and worn. Through our Paddington boutique we receive old garments, restore them and resell them because sharing is caring and loving longer. While our take-back system aims to ensure no KITX ever ends up in landfill, we also work to educate customers to consciously care for their KITX and encourage a high frequency wear life of our products.


The only way forward is through collaboration creating greater positive change together.


Future from Waste Lab, a concept created by Kit Willow, transforms textile waste on-site into future fashion to be returned to our wardrobes and loved once again. More than a future retail space, we are sowing the seeds from a seismic shift in thinking, diverging from the traditional linear narrative of ‘buy, wear, dispose ‘ to a fashion future system that is sustainable, circular, and transparent. The project offers an innovative solution to closing the loop, creating a dynamic platform to invite other key change makers in the industry to challenge their current practices and take residency in the LAB.

  We are deeply proud to support local manufacturing in Australia with our large percentage of our collections produced here, paying fair living wages and where we are able to perform regular onsite visits, so we have complete visibility into the manufacturing of our garments. Our supplier partners follow internationally recognised standards for fair employment and safe working conditions and adhere to the KITX CODE OF CONDUCT.


We want our customer to be aware of what goes into each collection, where the materials are sourced and the garments are constructed. We also want to continue to educate with like minded partners how to better wear and care for your clothes. This information can be found in our Impact Reports below:


*The ABC 'War on Waste' (2017)