Introducing KITX x CICON Collaboration
Introducing KITX x CICON Collaboration

Introducing KITX x CICON Collaboration

July 14, 2022



We are thrilled to be partnering with CICONyour circular wardrobe concierge. An App that helps close the loop on the circular impact of your KITX pieces. We take care of the impact in creation you take care of impact in its care and end life consideration.  

This helps extending the lifecycle of your garments through eco-care, repair, rent, resell, or donation and can trace the impact of your wardrobe on the planet. 

As the original eco warrior of Australia, KITX was chosen as a piloting partner for this world's first, ground breaking circularity solution. We believe that the KITX community will pick-up where our job ends, closing the loop of your garment's life cycle. 

The KITX x CICON Circular Partnership 

 CICON’s role is to give users easy access to the tools and resources necessary, all with the environment in mind. Each KITX piece is given an initial impact rating from its raw materials and production, that you then take into your own hands once you begin to wear, care and become the custodian of your KITX. The eco cleaning solutions ensure harsh chemicals are kept out of our waterways and atmosphere. The rent and resell work to close the loop of the garment's lifecycle. As an added benefit, you earn rewards each time you use CICON that you can spend on future CICON services or with your favourite CICON brand partners.  

The QR codes are featured on each product from our No.24 collection under the post consumer impact tab. Simply, download the CICON APP and enter you KITX pieces by scanning the QR code to move towards conscious circularity.

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