KITX discusses sustainability with Tanja Gacic of My Empirical Life.



Q. You’re a vocal supporter of ethical and sustainable fashion, what does buying consciously mean to you?

 A. I used to be such a fast fashion shopper when I was young. I would buy without even checking if I had similar items in my cupboard. This led me to having so many clothes I didn’t even know what I owned, let alone wore all my items. Learning about how damaging fashion can be really flipped a switch. I don’t buy fast fashion unless it is something I really love and intend to keep for as long as possible which translates to maybe one item per year. Instead of spending money on a lot of items, I invest in a few pieces I really love and store them and look after them well. Everything comes back into fashion and when it does I have amazing archival clothes at the ready.


Q. From the young age of 14, you’ve been involved in the fashion industry, from modelling to photography, and now in content creation and writing. How would you say the industry approach to sustainability has evolved over the last few years?

Oh my, it’s like chalk and cheese. I don’t think anyone possessed the awareness back then of the damage producing our clothes unleashes on the world. Nowadays it’s pretty much a pre- requisite that a business at least strives to fill some sustainable practice boxes. I’m so impressed with KitX striving to meet all of them, it’s such a progressive philosophy for business. 


Q. You offer support to initiatives like WWF and Greenpeace - how can we get involved as activists for the environment?

The world is dying at an unprecedented rate - all of us need to sit up, get aware about important issues, change how we live our day to day lives and spend our money wisely.  More of us need to speak up in an informed way that forces governments to implement strict new regulations to energy sourcing, food production and protection of environment. Real change can only come if it is implemented at the highest level but not enough of us understand that our only power lies in numbers and tenacity. Being ignorant or complacent in our world today means that we are complicit in it’s doom. It’s going to take a lot of people being vocal and consistent to overthrow the status quo on how things have always been done , because financial systems would need to transform and that kind of change is painful and costly.  We worry too much about the extra coin on our tax bill  that would take to implement some important changes to restructure the way we run our world and not enough about what the world will look like if we do not in 20 or 50 or 100 years from now , or how much it will cost us all then that we stayed complacent. It’s actually frightening how much we are like frogs slowly getting boiled alive right now and enjoying the tepid water getting warmer! On a positive side; we are also a very intelligent and resourceful species and a lot of the problems we have already have solutions- our only responsibility is to make sure those solutions become viable through investment and demand. Every dollar and voice counts!